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    Diamond Cutting


    • We provide a fully comprehensive machining service.
    • Rimtek has a state of the art CNC Diamond face profiling machine to restore machined surface of certain wheel styles.
    • Rimtek writes programs for hundreds of wheels, if we do not already have a program for your wheel on file, we have the capability of wrighting an in-house program for your rim.
    • Rimtek has dedicated tooling and fixtures for this, specialized process which you will find on most of the top makers of cars.

  • 02

    Rim Straightening


    Mag Wheel Repairs uses state of the art technology and digital profiling equipment to repair damaged magwheels.
    If the mag wheel rim is buckled.


    If curb damage has occured to the aluminium alloy wheel rim.


    • As it normally requires no stripping of old paint, or re-spraying.

    As the most economical way of repairing pothole damage on the inside of the rim.


  • 03


    of mag wheel rims

    • Large inventory of refurbished OEM quality wheels available.


    • All wheels are repaired to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications.


    • Lower your cost and time by exchanging your damaged wheel for a fully refurbished wheel. 


    • We also buy and exchange original (OEM) mag wheels.

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      • We thoroughly clean the wheel and strip the finish back to bare aluminium.

      • The damage is repaired using state of the art technology and digital profiling.

      • The wheel is then cleaned and prepared for powder priming, painting and clear coating using paint adhesion technology.

      • We then powder clear coat and oven-bake the wheel returning the finish to its OEM specifications.

    • In some instances cracked, severely bent and even broken wheels can still be repaired. However, these repairs also require welding and machining.

  • 05

    Custom Colour


    • Gloss black
    • Flat black
    • Hyper silver
    • Dark hyper silver (gunmetal)
    • White
    • Vehicle colour matching
    • Painted pockets
    • Painted pockets with machined finish

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      • If your polished wheels have gone dull over time, you can bring them in and we will repolish them to look like new again by removing all marks and blemishes.

      • We have different types of polishing finishes, from a basic polish just to clean them up, to a super polished finish, which can give you a mirror like finish.